Transfer & back up a work account: all emails, contacts, files, and organization in one minute of setup!

CloudGopher transfers your Work Google Account into any other Google Account:

  • Previous Employee Account → New Hire Account
  • Old Domain → New Domain
  • Work Account → Any Google Account

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Right now, you don’t have a copy of your work…

...and everything on your account can be lost in an instant.

(your connections)
Think about all those contacts you made...
(your conversations)
All those conversations and helpful email attachments...
Docs, Sheets, Files
(your work)
All of your presentations, spreadsheets, research...
(your history)
All those important events you scheduled...

CloudGopher is the easiest, quickest, and safest way to transfer everything on your work account into any other Google account!

Keep everything safe for whatever your future holds


CloudGopher copies your data to any other Google Account

Where you'll always have instant access to it

Your Emails get saved!
CloudGopher copies all events from your work into your destination account Calendar so you can quickly refer back to specific time periods and look forward to being reminded on your recurring special events.
Your Drive Files get saved!
Your presentations, spreadsheets, research in Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides from your Drive copy over, too! (All Owned & Shared Files)
Your Contacts get saved!
All e-mail addresses and contact info copy over. No need to ask everyone again!
Your Calendars get saved!
CloudGopher copies all events from your work into your personal Calendar so you can quickly refer back to specific time periods and look forward to being reminded on your recurring special events.

It takes one minute to set up your copy!

Nothing to download - - it all works online!

Account 1
Sign in to your source account
Account 2
Sign in to your destination account
Sit back & relax, CloudGopher does the rest

Once started, you don't need to be on the internet or your computer for CloudGopher to copy!

CloudGopher software runs "in the cloud"

Manual downloads & Google Takeout will make you pull your hair out.
CloudGopher is smart, saves time, and works without the hassle!
Takeout exports ZIP files full of disorganized files to your computer
You've spent years organizing your email with labels and folders, but Takeout exports '.mbox' files with all your organization removed.
...CloudGopher puts all your stuff neatly into your destination Google account
Pick up right where you left off. CloudGopher preserves your folder organization, labels, all of your documents, and keeps everything online for you to access from anywhere.
Takeout gives you non-Google file types
This means if you want to use them, you'll either need to buy or download special software, or re-upload them to a Google account.
...CloudGopher simply moves your data to another fully-supported Google account
Since CloudGopher simply transfers all of your data to another Google account, you won't have to worry about buying or finding any special software.
Takeout doesn't get "shared with you" files
Google Takeout DOES NOT export files shared with you by others. Just because you can view or even edit a file doesn't mean you own it, and it won't be included if you use Takeout.
...CloudGopher saves all files "Shared with" you
Rest easy knowing you have copies of everything you've contributed to, even if you don't "own" the document
Takeout can take a while
It can take hours or days for Google Takeout to prepare your ZIP files, which you can't use until they're ready.
...CloudGopher starts working immediately
It just takes a minute to start, and your files start to become ready to use in your destination account right away.

Spend a little quality time with CloudGopher
& enjoy a lifetime with your data

  Copy All Google Docs
+ 30 GB of Other Data ?
Reg: $40
per transfer
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"Moving to another job and needed access to my Google Docs... CloudGopher moved 11,000+ files in 2 hours and they are sitting nicely in my personal Google account...I recommend this to anyone who wants to protect the integrity of your property in a timely manner."
Dacia J.
"CloudGopher literally saved me about 40-50 hours worth of manual labor. I can't say enough about this."
Colin D.
"Brilliant service... The customer support for all the queries I had were great. I couldn't have asked for more."
Lisette B.

Frequently Asked Questions

by Users

Why is CloudGopher important?
You have spent years accumulating experiences and work that is now recorded only in your Work Google account. It would be a real shame to lose all of this after leaving or not protect it in some way.

CloudGopher makes it easy to keep a copy of all of your work, emails, and memories to another account so that you can look back, reflect, and use that information at critical moments in your future.
What applications do I use in Google Apps for Work/G-Suite?
  • Gmail (which you use to email people)
  • Google Drive (which you use to store files and photos)
  • Google Docs (which you use as a word processor)
  • Google Sheets (which you use to make spreadsheets for economics, business, math classes and more)
  • Google Slides (which you use to create presentations - it's like powerpoint, but online)
  • Google Forms (which you use to create surveys and more!)
  • Contacts (which you use to store contact info like email addresses of those you've emailed with)
  • Calendars (which you fill up with group meetings, events, birthdays, important occasions, and more)
Using these applications (“Apps”) is how you get your work done these days!
What’s the difference between files I ‘Own’ and files ‘Shared’ with me?
Instead of emailing edited files back and forth, Google Apps enables groups of people to work from the same document. The ‘Owner’ of the file is the person who creates the file. It is typical for one of the people in a group to create a file and then share it with everyone else in your group.

That means that there are likely many files in a your source account that were created by other people but you have contributed a lot of work to.

CloudGopher copies over all ‘Shared’ files too so that you can rest assured that everything is available to you when you need it!
Why pay for CloudGopher when I can just export/download stuff for “free?”
Cutting your lawn with scissors is also “free!” When one exports & downloads Google apps data onto a hard drive, all of the nicely organized Google files are converted to a bunch of different file types. You then have to spend time to acquire different software programs to read them, import those files, and re-organize them for them to be findable, searchable, and usable.

We think downloading/exporting is a horrible solution for anyone who wants to keep, search for, access, and use any of your stuff later. Trust us, going through the process of downloading our accounts was so frustrating that it led us to create this solution! With CloudGopher you spend a minute of your time and get a ready to use copy!
Can I try it for free?
Yes! Click the "Start Now!" button and then click on the “Free Trial” option there. The free trial will transfer a copy of 50 megabytes of recent email and drive files so you can see how CloudGopher works. Once you are satisfied, you can Go-pher it!
Do you see my password or other Google credentials?
No way! You never enter any Google login information directly to CloudGopher. Instead, CloudGopher launches users into Google’s private login screens using the secure OAuth 2.0 Protocol. It’s the same way that thousands of websites have people “Login with Google’ or ‘Login with Facebook’.
Who has access to my data when CloudGopher's transferring my stuff to my destination account?
Only you! Our software is made so that no actual person is touching your data and moving it for you. Our software is an autonomous digital system that reads your data and copies it over without human interaction.
Does CloudGopher keep a copy of any data copied from the source account?
No. CloudGopher is online software that moves data to help people live fuller, richer lives. We’re a San Francisco-based software company living by Silicon Valley principles. We have no interest in your data. We just move it -- super-fast and securely.
Is it possible for the copy of my data to end up in someone else's account?
NO! CloudGopher precisely assigns a unique Transfer ID to each account copy and transfer made. This is a business of precision. We are experts at secure networks and data transfer. No data can enter any account without a matching associated Transfer ID.
Will I need to have the computer running as the transfer happens?
No, it only takes a minute to set up then everything is done on schedule and securely ‘in the cloud’! That’s why CloudGopher is so convenient! You can set it and forget it with no more work to do. You can close the browser and shut down your computer if you want... so you can focus on everything else. :-)
How does CloudGopher access my data?
Using the secure OAuth 2.0 Protocol, you authorize the CloudGopher software to access the data in your accounts. Once a transfer begins, CloudGopher software:
  1. Securely accesses and reads the data in the source Google Account.
  2. Automatically creates a fully encrypted copy of the data.
  3. Transfers the encrypted data through CloudGopher’s secure network to the destination Google account.
  4. Decrypts the data and stores it in the destination Google account (sorting and organizing your data to mirror exactly where it was in your source Google Account).
Does CloudGopher delete anything in my source account?
No! CloudGopher transfers a copy of the data from your source account. Which means the original data remains in the source account until that account (or the data in it) is deleted.
I want to use this for my work account, but I signed a nondisclosure agreement (NDA) - is this legal?
We're technology experts, not lawyers. So, unfortunately we can't advise you on whether ‘disclosing to yourself’ is a violation of any agreements you've signed. If you have any doubts, we always recommend consulting with a lawyer who can advise you.

As a reminder, CloudGopher doesn’t ever store or even know your account passwords, and doesn't keep copies of anything in your accounts.
What do you do to keep my information safe?
CloudGopher software does not ask for Google passwords. You log into both of your Google accounts through the secure OAuth 2.0 protocol that is widely used by thousands of websites. CloudGopher is only given OAuth permission from you for the software to read and copy your data. Once the transfer begins, your data is protected by the industry leading encryption at all times. Our software developers secured information for the world’s top banks for years, so we afford you the same level of protection.
What if I have other questions?
Email us at with any questions you have! We’ll answer as quickly as possible!
For more questions, dig deeper by visiting our Knowledge Base for Users