Back Up your Gmail & Data to a different Google account

Neatly backs up your:
  • Google mail (and labels!)
  • Contacts
  • Calendars
  • Folders
  • Documents (even shared with you!)
...from any type of Google account to any other!

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If you wished Google had a magic 'backup' button...
CloudGopher is what you're looking for

We know, you’d like a ‘free’ way to back up those hundreds of emails from one gmail account to another, but the do-it-yourself solutions out there can be difficult, time-consuming, and pretty technical.

Plus, those methods don’t back up your folders, labels, and documents intact and organized the way you like them...

Until now.

CloudGopher was specifically designed to be the missing magic 'backup' button. You simply sign in to both accounts, then relax while CloudGopher quickly and securely copies your emails, folders, labels, contacts, calendars, docs, and files.

Yes, it works between any type of Google account and any other - whether personal, business, or education.

Yes, it really is that simple, and yes, it’s amazing.


CloudGopher copies your data between Google accounts

Merge accounts, take a backup, or keep a personal copy!

All of your Emails & Attachments!
CloudGopher copies all emails (with attachments) into a subfolder for easy, searchable access.
All of your Drive files!
Your "owned" and "shared with me" files in Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides from your Drive copy over, too!
All of your Contacts!
All email addresses and contact info copy over. No need to ask everyone again!
All of your Calendars!
CloudGopher copies all events from your source account's calendar(s) into your destination account so you can quickly refer back to specific time periods and be reminded of your recurring special events.

It takes one minute to set up your copy!

Nothing to download - it all works online!

Account 1
Sign in to the source account
Account 2
Sign in to the destination account
Sit back & relax, CloudGopher does the rest

Once started, you don't need to be on the internet or your computer for CloudGopher to work!

CloudGopher software runs "in the cloud"

Manual downloads & Google Takeout will make your head ache
CloudGopher is smart, saves time, and works without the hassle!
Takeout exports ZIP files full of disorganized files to your computer
You've spent years organizing your email with labels and folders, but Takeout exports '.mbox' files with all your organization removed.
...CloudGopher puts all your stuff neatly into your new Gmail account
Pick up right where you left off. CloudGopher preserves your folder organization, labels, all of your documents, and keeps everything online for you to access from anywhere.
Takeout gives you non-Google file types
This means if you want to use them, you'll either need to buy or download special software, or re-upload them to a Google account.
...CloudGopher simply moves your data to another fully-supported Google account
Since CloudGopher simply copies all of your data to another gmail account, you won't have to worry about buying or finding any special software.
Takeout doesn't get "shared with you" files
Google Takeout DOES NOT export files shared with you by others. Just because you can view or even edit a file doesn't mean you own it, and it won't be included if you use Takeout.
...CloudGopher saves all files "Shared with" you
Rest easy knowing you have copies of everything you've contributed to, even if you don't "own" the document
Takeout can take a while
It can take hours or days for Google Takeout to prepare your ZIP files, which you can't use until they're ready.
...CloudGopher starts working immediately
It just takes a minute to start, and your files start to become ready to use in your destination account right away.

Spend a little quality time with CloudGopher
& enjoy a lifetime with your data

  Copy All Google Docs
+ 30 GB of Other Data ?
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"CloudGopher literally saved me about 40-50 hours worth of manual labor. I can't say enough about this."
Colin D.
"Had a really good experience with the program. Very easy to use. Also, great feature that you don't have to stay on the browser while it transfers files."
Keith J.
"After trying CloudGopher, I definitely see the utility and additional ease of using the Gopher. I got all of my files where they needed to be and in a quick and manageable fashion."
Marvin B.

Frequently Asked Questions

by Users

What do you do to keep my information safe?
First, there are no humans involved in the actual copying of your data! Everything is done electronically because CloudGopher is online software. Our team secured information for the world’s top banks for years, so we go above and beyond to provide you the same (or better) protection.

Second, since CloudGopher only transfers a copy of your source account into your destination account, none of your data is kept after your copy has completed.

Third, CloudGopher does not have any access to your Google passwords. You log into both of your Google accounts through the secure OAuth 2.0 protocol that is widely used by thousands of secure websites. Using OAuth, you grant the CloudGopher software permission to read and copy your data between your accounts.

Finally, and very important, your data is protected by industry-leading encryption at all times while CloudGopher is processing your copy.
Why does CloudGopher exist?
We learned (the hard way) that getting our data out of a Google account isn't as easy as it should be. There is no easy way to move emails, intact, from one google account to another, and moving files is even more difficult. Google does offer a product called "Takeout" that takes only the files owned by you and puts them into a ZIP file. You must then download, reorganize, and then re-upload to a different google account if you want to continue to use them as before. Worse, some companies disable "Takeout" so keeping a copy of your own work can literally become a manual, one-by-one process!

CloudGopher was designed to quickly and effortlessly get ALL of the files you own, and those you've collaborated on ("Shared with Me"), preserve your folder organization, and put them into another Google-powered account of your choosing.
Why should I care about files ‘Shared with Me’ (versus those I ‘Own’)?
This is one of the most important features when considering CloudGopher vs Google Takeout.

There are likely many items (docs, sheets, slides, files, calendars, etc.) in your source account that were created by others and then "Shared with" you. Many of these shared items may actually include work you have contributed to, even though you don’t "own" these files in your account. If you use Takeout, keep in mind the items you don't "own" will NOT be downloaded!

To see what you have "Shared with" you, you can click the link below and then click 'Shared with me' on the left side of the screen: (opens in a new browser tab)
Is this a program that I download? Are there any hardware or software requirements?
If you can read this sentence you have everything you need (namely, an internet browser). CloudGopher does not require any downloads and works completely "online" (or "in the cloud" - get it?). In fact, once you start your copy, you can turn off your computer or device and just wait for us to email you when your copy is complete!
It takes a minute to set up, but how long does the copy take once it starts?
It depends! In our experience, most copies average around 3 hours, but time flies especially when you don't have to watch the copy!

Just start it and carry on about your business. We'll send an email to your destination account when your copy is complete.
When CloudGopher copies my Gmail over, do attachments in the emails copy over too?
Yes! CloudGopher copies over all email attachments with every email!
Can I select what I want to copy over?
You will have the option of selecting/deselecting:
  • Gmail
  • Contacts
  • Your Calendar(s)
  • Your Google Drive files
  • "Shared with you" Google Drive files

However, you won't be able to choose individual emails, files, or folders inside your account for copying or to exclude from copying. CloudGopher is designed to make a complete copy of one Google account into another.
Does this work for all Google account types?
Yes! It works even if you want to copy your personal Google account to your work or school Google account, or vice-versa! As long as your source and destination accounts are both "Google-powered", both are active, and you can log in to both at the same time, CloudGopher will work for any type of Google account.
Can I try it for free?
Sure! Just set up CloudGopher and click on the “50-File Free Trial” option on the page. Your free trial will transfer a copy of 25 recent email conversations and 25 recent drive files so you can see exactly how CloudGopher works. Later when make your full copy you will have the option to "overwrite" your trial files, or keep them in a separate folder.

Note: 50-file Free Trials are limited to 1 per Google account
For more questions, dig deeper by visiting our Knowledge Base for Users