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Quickly and easily save your schoolwork, email, and memories for life after you leave school!

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Keep all your important data conveniently accessible ...

...your future self will thank you!

(your connections)
Think about all those contacts you made...
(your conversations)
All those conversations and helpful email attachments...
Docs, Sheets, Files
(your schoolwork)
All of your homework, notes, projects & presentations...
(your memories)
All those important events you scheduled...

Keeping your data is important

Future Schooling & Jobs
You'll always have instant access to your data from any device
Stay Connected
You'll use it to maintain connections forever
Memories for Life
You're protecting your work and memories forever

CloudGopher neatly copies your data to your Personal Gmail Account (or any other Google-powered account)

Where you'll always have instant access to it

Your Emails get saved!
CloudGopher copies all school emails (w/attachments) into a personal account subfolder for easy, searchable access.
Your Drive Files get saved!
Your school projects, classwork, and homework in Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides from your Drive copy over, too!
(All Owned & Shared Files)
Your Contacts get saved!
All e-mail addresses and contact info copy over. No need to ask everyone again!
Your Calendars get saved!
CloudGopher copies all events from your school into your personal Calendar so you can quickly refer back to specific time periods and look forward to being reminded on your recurring special events.

It takes one minute to set up your copy!

Nothing to download - - it all works online!

Account 1
Sign in to your source account
Account 2
Sign in to your destination account
Sit back & relax, CloudGopher does the rest

Once started, you don't need to be on the internet or your computer for CloudGopher to copy!

CloudGopher software runs "in the cloud"

Beware of these common traps.

"Oh, I don't need all of my data"
It's better to be safe than sorry.
It is hard to know now what you'll need later.
"I'll just do it myself for free"
You are going to end up spending a lot of time and hard work.
On average, it takes days of effort to do what CloudGopher can do.
"My stuff is already backed up"
Hard drives malfunction all the time. And other forms of syncing your data do not actually copy the source material, just a link to it. Once the source is gone, so is the data.

Spend a little quality time with CloudGopher
& enjoy a lifetime with your data

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Reg: $40
per transfer
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"All your stuff is just added to your personal email account... And all your folders stay organized and everything. Thank god I don't have to spend hours transferring my work and emails at the end of last semester, I would die. "
Sofia P.
"This service was so simple and really quick and I'm glad I'll still have access to my stuff…"
Fitz A.
"It's really affordable and copied all of my school emails into a new folder so they didn't get mixed up with the emails on my personal account... I'd recommend it to any of my friends who are graduating."
Katie H.

Join students and teachers all over the country who are improving their future by copying their school account before it's gone


Frequently Asked Questions

by Students

What do you do to keep my information safe?
First and foremost, there are no humans involved in the actual copying of your data! Everything is done electronically because CloudGopher is online software. Our software developers secured information for the world's top banks for years, so we go above and beyond to afford you the same level of protection.

Second, since CloudGopher only transfers a copy of your school account into your personal account, none of your data is kept after your copy has completed transmission.

Third, CloudGopher does not have any access to your Google passwords. You log into both of your Google accounts through the secure OAuth 2.0 protocol that is widely used by thousands of secure websites. Using OAuth, you grant the CloudGopher software permissions to read and copy your schoolwork between accounts.

Finally, and very important, your data is protected by industry-leading encryption at all times while CloudGopher is processing your copy.
Why is CloudGopher important?
You have spent years accumulating experiences and schoolwork that are now recorded only in your school Google account. It would be a real shame to lose all of this after graduating.

CloudGopher makes it easy to keep a copy of your schoolwork, emails, and memories after you graduate. Once these items are copied to your personal account you can access them anytime from all your devices. You'll be able to look back, reflect, and use your information at critical moments in the future.
It takes a minute to set up, but how long does the copying take once it starts?
It depends on how much data you have stored in your account! Most copies average around 3 hours, but time flies especially when you don't have to watch the copy!

Carry on about your business and we'll let you know when your copy is complete!
How will I know when my copy has started and ended, and where can I find my copied data?
CloudGopher will email you the when your copy has started and when it has completed.

CloudGopher will copy over all of your original file names, but will also assign a unique five-digit Transfer ID label to subfolders it creates in your Personal Gmail Account's Gmail, Drive, etc.

The labeled subfolder makes it easy for you to recognize what was originally from your School Google Account (and get support from us, if needed).

For example, you will see a new subfolder in your Drive that may look like: "5K94M" (or similar code). Inside that folder will be all your Drive files from school, all properly organized and labeled like they were when they were in your school account. Once your copy is complete you can easily rename that "5K94M" (or similar code) to a phrase that makes more sense to you like "Stuff I copied from school!"
What happens if something goes wrong... who do I contact for Support?
No worries, we've got your back! Email us and let us know what's wrong so we can resolve it asap!
Can I try it for free?
Sure! Just set up CloudGopher and click on the "50-File Free Trial" option on the page. Your free trial will transfer a copy of 25 recent email conversations and 25 recent drive files so you can see exactly how CloudGopher works. Once you get the gist of it, Go-pher the full copy!

Please note: 50-file Free Trials are limited to 1 per Google account -- Hey, we've got to pay the light bill around here!
For more questions, dig deeper by visiting our Knowledge Base for Students