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"CloudGopher literally saved me about 40-50 hours worth of manual labor. I can't say enough about this."
Colin D.
G-Suite Administrator, Transferred faculty-member’s Google account
"The transfer process is easy, and requires minimal work. I highly recommend this software."
Jonathan P.
Saved school email
"I am SO, so thankful for this great service. I tried Google Takeout but it would not keep the files in the right folder for me. CloudGopher moved 11,000+ files in 2 hours and they are sitting nicely in my personal Google account. It was the best money that I have ever spent!"
Dacia J.
Saved work data
"CloudGopher transferred everything in its original format, no problems what so ever. Plus, it kept all of my contacts on hand if I should ever need them."
Jennifer V.
Saved files, emails, contacts, documents, projects, etc.
"This service was so simple and really quick and I'm glad I'll still have access to my stuff…"
Fitz A.
Saved Google documents
"Using this website is saving me so much time and energy. And all your folders stay organized and everything. Thank god I don't have to spend hours transferring my work and emails... I would die. This will save your life."
Sofia P.
Saved email, Google Docs, and Google Sheets
"Super quick and very straight forward."
Audrey H.
Saved college email, contacts, and files
"Very easy to use and will help me keep track of everything."
Wesley H.
Saved school files
"A large amount of my things are going to be in a “Shared with” me folder. And I feel like that is an awesome feature that Takeout does not offer. I really dig that feature to be completely honest. And on top of that, you guys put it in a separate folder too which makes it so much easier and less clutter on the Drive, too. Superquick, supereasy, 5/5."
Jacob S.
Saved school account
"Worked ridiculously easily. Worth every penny."
Amy C.
Saved work account
"Brilliant service... The customer support for all the queries I had were great. I couldn't have asked for more. The process really was as easy as it is represented on the website. Thumbs up."
Lisette B.
Transferred work account
"The user interface could not be easier. It guides you through every step. And you don't even need to keep the browser open! You simply get an email once everything's sorted out (and a funny one!)"
Sabri E.
Saved school account
"After trying CloudGopher, I definitely see the utility and additional ease of using the Gopher. I got all of my files where they needed to be and in a quick and manageable fashion."
Marvin B.
Saved school account
"CloudGopher totally exceeded my expectations... it was super easy and convenient. I have access to old emails, contacts, and files (original and shared). The software also does it so that everything is neatly stored in sub-folders so everything keeps its original organization. I would highly recommend this software."
Evelyn V.
Saved school files
"Super efficient and convenient set-up process. All of my previously-created labels and folder categories were maintained in the transfer, which was awesome! All my contacts and calendar info transferred over, as well as "shared with" files from google drive. All in all, I'm very impressed by how easy and convenient the process was. Would definitely recommend!"
Daniela B.
Saved emails, contacts, calendars, and files
"Had a really good experience with the program. Very easy to use. Also, great feature that you don't have to stay on the browser while it transfers files."
Keith J.
Saved work data
"Although $20 is a little steep, CloudGopher ended up being super quick and easy. Instead of having to manually sort through and organize what files I wanted to preserve, CloudGopher allowed me to transfer them all in about an hour. I like that it created a separate folder so my personal email didn't get bombarded. I also like that it transfers drive files and shared drive files. Would recommend!"
Hoku K.
Saved email, drive files, and shared drive files
"As a college senior about to graduate, I didn't really think about what would happen when my school email (and all the files and information attached to it) disappeared, and definitely didn't know what to do to save them. Thanks to CloudGopher now all my files and emails are backed up on my non-school account..."
Natalie Z.
Saved school email
"I was hesitant at first because I was afraid my emails and documents from the two accounts would get jumbled together. Fortunately CloudGopher has a great system for organizing the transferred emails. I found the software to be easy, efficient, and super helpful."
Taylor T.
Saved emails and documents
"As an organizational freak, CloudGopher is a beautiful and efficient way of saving all your hard work WITHOUT having to organize it. I highly recommend this software!"
Brianna C.
Saved college Gmail account
"As a soon to be graduate, I knew that I my school would delete my account and I was a bit overwhelmed by the thought of having to move 1000s of my files from my school account to my personal account. CloudGopher was great, because it was able to do just that, in a way that was super simple and convenient."
Natasha A.
Saved school account
"I like to keep my life really organized! My email and google drive are no different! When I found out that [my school recommended Google Takeout, which] piles everything into one folder with no organization, I was not happy. But CloudGopher changed all that! They kept my emails and google drive items organized and transferred them over to my personal google account... Thanks CloudGopher!"
Amanda M.
Saved Gmail and Google Drive files
"This software is awesome! Although it took 2 hours it was all done offline so I was able to use my google accounts and use my computer regularly. Now all of my emails and documents (even those shared with other people) are safe!"
Jessica H.
Saved school account
"I really like that CloudGopher lets me transfer all my emails, contact info, attachments, and Google docs from my school account into my personal Gmail in its own folder, where I can access it any time I use my main account."
Zelda B.
Saved school account
"I really like this product. At first I thought all of my emails were going to be clunked up to my personal email but it's actually a subfolder which I appreciate. I also like how all my contacts get transferred over..."
Lili R.
Saved emails
"It's really affordable and copied all of my school emails into a new folder so they didn't get mixed up with the emails on my personal account. It also only takes a couple hours and doesn't interfere with anything. I'd recommend it to any of my friends..."
Katie H.
Saved school email
"My friend told me about CloudGopher and I was able to transfer all of my files to my personal email in less than 5 minutes. I highly recommend this software to anyone in the same boat!"
Janet S.
Saved school files
"Super useful and easy to use. Love that it puts my school emails into their own folder, it keeps all my college stuff organized and accessible. Would definitely recommend it!"
Katie C.
Saved school emails
"Great program! Easy to follow, and a life-saver! I was already forwarding my emails form my school account to my personal account, but I really needed to transfer all of my drive files without having to personally download all of them and also without losing the ones owned by someone that shared them with me. This was a great solution."
Ana V.
Saved school email account
"Really helpful for making me feel like even if my post-grad life isn't sorted out, my emails definitely are. Which is nice because I can be organized fairly quickly and with minimal pain in my part."
Lindsay W.
Saved school emails
"Great program! Was able to transfer all my emails as well as my drive to my personal account. It was super easy"
Claudia N.
Saved emails and drive
"Super fast and easy way to move all your emails from your campus email to your personal email while still keeping everything organized"
Christina H.
Saved emails
"I wasn't sure about using CloudGopher because I had never heard about it before, but it was really fast and easy to use. I recommend it to all college seniors as a way to save your time :)"
Ruth S.
Saved school account